Titleist DT SOLO Golf Ball 1DZ
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Titleist DT SoLo Golf Balls

The new Titleist DT SoLo Golf Ball has been designed to provide the softest compression/feel possible while delivering the long distance, greenside control, and consistent quality that are the DT standard. This golf ball features a low-compression, fast, solid core; a soft, responsive, ionomer cover; and a 392 icosahedral dimple design.

Additional features:

  • Distinctly soft compression feel
  • Responsive short game performance
  • Long distance with driver and irons
  • Trusted quality and consistency
  • A.I.M (Alignment Integrated Marking) side stamp
  • Low compression, fast, solid core
  • Soft, responsive, ionomer cover with 392 icosahedral dimple design
  • Item #: TTL-DTSL

Titleist DT SOLO Golf Ball 1DZ

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