Fit39 Glove Ladies Leopard/White
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Why Fit39 Glove is sperior to conventional golf gloves?


Elite, another revolutional fiber, made by TORAY.

TORAY (Toray Industries, Inc.) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in industrial products centered around technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. Its founding business areas were fibers and textiles, as well as plastics and chemicals. The company has also diversified into areas such as pharmaceuticals, medical products, electronics, IT-products, housing and engineering, as well as advanced composite materials.

Toray Industries had been originally established as Toyo Rayon in 1926.
Toray is currently the world's largest producer of carbon fiber, and Japan's largest producer of synthetic fiber.

Anti-bacterial and sanitary agent was successfully applied to synthetic fibers in 1990's, and the anti-bacterial polypropylene and polyester fibers were developed in Asia. Anti-bacterial and anti-odor polypropylene and polyester fiber is safe, and is highly effective for bacteria repellency and has excellent washing durability. The suitable scope includes sheets, underwear, towels, hosiery, hand gloves, carpet, non-woven materials, shoe cloth, indoor decorative products and air filters with anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-mildew performance.
The anti-bacterial material contain properties of excellent hydrophobicity, wicking, rapid drying, stain resistance, humectation, low density, is soft to touch etc., with extensive and permanent bacterial resistance.



SEK Certification: Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (JTETC) was established with an objective of ensuring product safety. Products that comply with the approval standard set by this council are permitted to display SEK logo mark. The standard wording of label and the color of mark differentiated depending on the type of products.

Fit39 Glove Ladies SAFARI Leopard/White

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